Concept and goal

With the dynamic training plan of running.COACH you can train individually, holistically and goal-oriented. Beginners are just as well served as performance or health-oriented athletes. Because the individual coach gives you guidelines based on your current performance, your goals and the time available. The aim of co-initiator Viktor Röthlin (European Marathon Champion) and the other ambassadors and development supporters was that the coaching guidelines should always be adapted and that adjustments should be as individual and dynamic as possible. Thanks to the connection to the wearables Garmin, Polar, Coros, Suunto, Fitbit, Strava, AppleHealth etc., these guidelines can be optimized very precisely and individually over time. Since the first development in 2010 it is and remains our vision that the running.COACH should move the masses, whether marching, jogging or running does not matter - the main thing is that it runs!