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21 Jun 2025
Hörnli Trail 1133 - Berglauf-SM 2025 Place Fischingen, Switzerland Distance 7.0mi 0.3mi
22 Jun 2025
Bannalper Berglauf / 20. Nordic Walking Event Place Wolfenschiessen, Switzerland Distance 6.8mi
28 Jun 2025
Engiadina Scuol Trail Place Scuol, Switzerland Distance 29.8mi 13.3mi 6.1mi
05 Jul 2025
Gornergrat Zermatt Marathon Place St. Niklaus - Zermatt VS, Switzerland Distance 26.2mi 28.3mi 13.1mi 13.9mi 12.4mi
06 Jul 2025
Challenge Roth Place Roth, Germany Distance 26.2mi 111.8mi 2.4mi
17 Aug 2025
Dreiseenlauf - ein bezaubernder Naturlauf! Place Hüttwilen, Switzerland Distance 6.5mi
24 Aug 2025
Ironman Thun Place Thun, Switzerland Distance 2.4mi 26.2mi 112.0mi
20 Sep 2025
SOLA Basel Place Münchenstein, Switzerland Distance 2.9mi 7.6mi 3.7mi 5.3mi 2.7mi 5.7mi 7.6mi 5.2mi 6.2mi 3.9mi 50.7mi 1.7mi
21 Sep 2025
San Giorgio Trail & Walking Place Riva San Vitale, Switzerland Distance 6.9mi
19 Oct 2025
Generoso Trail & Walking Place Mendrisio, Switzerland Distance 7.5mi
25 Oct 2025
marCHethon Fribourg Place Givisiez, Switzerland Distance 4.7mi
30 Nov 2025
Steinhölzlilauf Place Liebefeld / Köniz, Switzerland Distance 0.2mi 3.2mi 2.0mi 4.0mi 3.2mi 9.7mi 1.0mi 0.5mi 6.5mi
21 Dec 2025
Corsa da Natal Place Ascona, Switzerland Distance 0.9mi 1.9mi 0.2mi 3.7mi
12 Jun 2026
Mizuno Städtlilauf Place Wangen an der Aare, Switzerland Distance 6.2mi 3.1mi 1.2mi 0.6mi 0.4mi 0.2mi